Water Damage Drying Log App – Why You NEED It!

Doesn’t it make sense, since you leave every day with your phone, to have a water damage drying log app right at your finger tips?

The Water Damage Drying Log App is a simple to use tool for water damage restoration field technicians. It allows the technician to carry their drying job information with them all the time! No more leaving without the paperwork, or scrambling to compile the records to cover your butt from the drying process.

Technicians’ can keep track of multiple jobs dry checks right from the set up of the drying equipment until the job is dried to completion and ready for repair. It allows the restoration service technician to establish and log the dry standard, the relative humidity and the moisture content checks. The technician can enter multiple rooms and areas along with the material types of what is being dried down.

The insurance restoration contractor can also take photos of the job as an added documentation of proper drying practices. Take pictures of the affected areas or the meter readings to document proper and effective drying techniques. The insurance adjuster and property owner don’t have to take your word for it. You have documentation backed up with photos.

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