Water damage restoration can be highly profitable and a great revenue source for your business. With the right equipment and contacts with local insurance adjusters, it’s easy to take care of the customer by coming in and being the hero. So what is the downside?

We all know the 80/20 rule, that there are 20% of your customers that will suck 80% of your time. But there isn’t only your time at stake, there are always going to be the opportunist customers that see this as their time to make a little money. It is your responsibility as the business owner to protect yourself and your assets thoroughly and properly. Having a systematic, documented procedure for tracking the drying process isn’t optional.

Believe it or not, often the people in your company you tend to pay the least are your first line of defense. You must have the tools for them to use. All your techs have phones so make sure that they have the Water Damage Drying Log App installed and that using it isn’t optional.

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