Hi everyone. We have finally got both the iPhone and Android versions of Water Damage Drying Log 2.0 live in the app stores. Slower than we had hopped for, but we did finally make it.

We have received a ton of great feedback and we really appreciate that. It is difficult if not impossible to get an app perfect the first try. It is tough to make an app all things to all people as well.It’s tough to get an app perfect the second time around as well. We do plan to keep trying though!

Here are our overall goals of the app.

We wanted to make an app that is useful for field technicians to be able to log information in the field quickly and easily. The end result being that the app will save the restoration company time and money.

We wanted to make an app that has the ability to add pictures to the logs to back up the gathered information. The end result being to document that the project has been properly dried and then in turn elevating the liability of the restoration company from accusation that they failed to dry the project properly.

We also wanted the technician to be able to send this information back to the office so that the report could be edited and checked and then the info stored or forwarded on to the adjuster or insurance company as required. The intention is to be able to back up the cost of the drying with the information logged.

The biggest challenge that we have encountered is there are many companies that gather different information. Like I say, it is difficult to be all things to all people or companies, but we are working at it.

What we have done to help with this process for all the companies out there and the different information that they gather we included a “Notes” Field in version 2.0. This way if we don’t have a field in the app and you have information you want to log, you can put it in the Notes area for that Room or Area for every dry check log. This information will also be exported with the full Drying Log report in the full version.

We will continue to look at all the requested fields to figure out what we need to add for version 3.0.

Please keep your feedback coming and please go to the app stores and give us some positive ratings. This helps us so much and in order for us to continue to better our app for you, we need your support and positive reviews in the app stores. Please go there now if you like what we are trying to create for you.

Thanks again for all your support and feedback.


I apologize that 2.0 is not available quiet yet. We are so very close. Just a couple more tweaks on the last round of beta testing and we are there. I am so exciting about releasing this version and showing everyone that their patience was worth it.

I also wanted to let you know that we would really appreciate it if you would leave your positive reviews in the respective app stores. This is so helpful in getting the word out that you like the app and others giving it a try. This is what will allow us to keep making it a better app. We have other ideas we want to developed for the neglected Insurance Water and Fire Restoration Industry, but we need your continued support to be able to bring these to life as well.

We thank all of our users for their support. All the nice things that have been said about the app make it so worth while. We know its not perfect yet. The next version will be even closer and we are already mapping out the ideas for version 3.0!!

Thanks again for your support and patience.

Ben Duckworth & the WDDL App Development Team


We have completed the beta testing of the Water Damage Drying Log App Version 2.0 (WDDL 2.0). We are making the final changes after testing and then after a brief retest to ensure those items are added or fixed it will be released to the iTunes and Android Market Place. Stay tuned for updates on the features as well as some how to videos so you can get using WDDL 2.0 quicker and more proficiently!


We a currently working on version 2.0 of WDDL for Android Full and Lit Versions and iPhone Full and Lite Versions. Hopefully it will be ready and available in time for Christmas!
One of the best features will be that the user only needs to enter the Room /Area and Dry Standard once and will have this information for each subsequent drying check.
We are beta testing some new features and working on others right now.

If you like the app, please make sure you go to our iTunes or Android Market Place and leave feedback for the app. Your support will help us make this an even better and more useful app for the insurance restoration industry.

Please also keep sending us your questions and feedback. This is the information that we use to help decide on new features to implements and ways we can improve the app on future releases.
Thank you for your support,
Ben Duckworth


Water damage restoration can be highly profitable and a great revenue source for your business. With the right equipment and contacts with local insurance adjusters, it’s easy to take care of the customer by coming in and being the hero. So what is the downside?

We all know the 80/20 rule, that there are 20% of your customers that will suck 80% of your time. But there isn’t only your time at stake, there are always going to be the opportunist customers that see this as their time to make a little money. It is your responsibility as the business owner to protect yourself and your assets thoroughly and properly. Having a systematic, documented procedure for tracking the drying process isn’t optional.

Believe it or not, often the people in your company you tend to pay the least are your first line of defense. You must have the tools for them to use. All your techs have phones so make sure that they have the Water Damage Drying Log App installed and that using it isn’t optional.

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