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can this app be used on a laptop?

I purchaced the apt and no log open just customer and insurance info

Do you have a tutorial for this app that I can show on a PC to a group of people?

I love the app. When are you gong to put in a spot to record the DEHU output? And when im typing al long note the message the screen does not rotate upwards so i can see what im typing. And lastly how do i attach photos to my log? I have an iphone FYI., Thanks Joel Wilkerson

I love the app , but when I take pictures it seems I can only take up to 3 for the whole project. Can you not take pics on each room you create or are the pics for the whole project and limited to 3.

Why can't I load photos as promised????

Please tell me why I can only enter new contact info. I can't go anyfurther? All info was input, but I can't get to any other screens

We are new to this dry log biz stuff. What is the meaning of the the Field: Dry Std. % ???????

I can't seem to find where to add photos in upgraded version on iPhone

On a project and I have more than 1 room. Ex. Family room and Storage Room, when I choose Family room it brings up storage room and vice versa. Why does it do this. I have an Iphone. when I email the report the report is correct.

I am unable to e-mail my dry lg...........I was able to do it a few times in practice......what could be the problem,am I missing something? Thank you..........Mike Hogan

how do i email

I press the DL symbol on my iphone,the app comes up for less than a second then shuts down???

Does your app allow the Technician to track additional information other than percentage of moisture content? Grains of moisture, temperature and humidity in both the drying area as well as output from your LGR Dehu's, etc? This is all information that we track and that Insurance companies want us to track as well.

I downloaded the update and now the app will not open I have shut the phone down and turned back on still nothing

IS there a way to share the drying data between users? if a different crew attends? Is it possible to have a website to enter the data my admin at the office and tell the tech just to open this app and receive a new claim

How can we attach photos already taken instead of just taking ones?

How do you add photos to the job?

I can input data into the drying log. Can you explain or point me in the direction of how to add in photos. I must be missing something. The report looks good and .htm is nice small and fast. Good looking app so far. I have about 1000 things I would love to add, but when you get to them

Can you increase the number ofmoisture point from 2 to 15. We deal with alot of complex jobs that require lots of test locations. When running the report you could have the readings run left to right to save space. Great program Rod Edel

We have installed your App on several Iphones in the field and have tried to use them as directed. We have had issues on each job!! Photos have been all over the place. projects info has been just as bad. Is their a fix for the photo issues where if we have 3 projects with photos from each all of the photos from each project are captured in each of the projects. Can someone give me a call to discuss?? We like the App if you can get it to do what you say if can do on every job!!Best way to reach me is on my cell 301-356-5888 Jim Torrence Complete Restoration Solutions DKI

I have a h t c thunderbolt and I'm running android 2.3 .4 , I do not have the capability of adding a photo with the paid version.

What is the difference between the Lite Version and the Full Version of the Water Damage Drying Log App?

I bought this app. I wish you can add a space for GPP%. What does dry STD mean?

I down loaded the paid ver. but no photo section. Is there something am missing??

Do you plan on providing a version for Playbook?

DO you have PC version ?

Occasional app crash.  Adding a picture does not allow you to add a picture already taken, only take new The cancel button after launching the camera does not actually work you are forced to take a picture to get out of it Our log sheets require we record actual humidity too, along with rh. You only have a field for rh.  Suggestion would be to have the settings panel have the ability to toggle fields on or off or add fields 

I downloaded the app for my tablet but it want open anything but customer info section.

If I send the report to my office, can they edit the report before it is sent out to the client or the adjuster.

Can I import the Drying Log directly from iPhone or Android phone into my computer with the Full Version of the Water Damage Drying Log?

In the full version, what format is the report in that the Water Damage Drying Log exported in?


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  1. photos for the upgraded ver. can’t find where I can use them

  2. Great apps many thanks. Quite useful. I use some of them pretty normally.

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